faces of leadership
a board game
to grow

What is faces of leadership?
faces of leadership is unlike most games you’ve played before.
WIN by growing your empathy and ultimately your team’s productivity.
Visualize your leaders
≡ Respect determinants
≡ Biases
≡ Situational recalibration
≡ Hone your ability to manage and retain your best employees
≡ Enhance talent hiring
≡ Understand your client needs today and future
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Board Game

People say...
“It opened me beyond my bubble.” - law executive
“I can’t believe how many women leaders I didn’t know.” - tech executive
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+ How might this benefit my executive team, board of directors, and/or board of advisors?

Your team and/or board will have an easier, tested process to start the dialogue for needed growth in leadership. McKinsey & Company reported in 2018 and 2015 that gender, ethnically, and culturally diverse executive teams are linked to more profit. The profit factors may include improved access to talent, enhanced decision making and depth of consumer insight, and strengthened employee engagement and license to operate.

+ How might this benefit me and my team?

You and your team get a sense for where schooling, media exposure, and personal life experiences have cut empathy for people of different life experiences. Then, you and your team explore how to mend that to enhance consumer insights from your team members, perform with diverse decision makers, and ultimately strengthen culture of equity.

+ Why do I need this?

You want your company to have the edge at being profitable. L.A.’ and S.F.s best tech companies demand talent that suits their growth strategies, but often struggle with evolving execs & culture to enhance productivity of today’s diverse tech employees.
faces of leadership goes beyond one-time consultants or reactions to appease activist investors.
Explore root causes and address them.

+ Why now?

Workforces are globalizing and they need to understand each other as well as their customers. Times up. Equal takes courageous exploration of self in relation to leadership.

Organizations need equal.

Celebrities want equal. Jennifer Lawrence. Bradley Cooper. Salma Hayak. Chris Rock. Viola Davis. Lin Manuel-Miranda. Oprah Winfrey. Emma Stone. Eva Longoria. Octavia Spencer w Jessica Chastain. Beyonce. Benedict Cumberbatch. Kendrick Lamar.

+ When will you have other versions ready?

SF, NYC, Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Seattle, and D.C. are coming in 2019-2020. Pre-order yours now.

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