Our Mission

Equal Pay Company's mission is to give people the power to normalize equity in the workplace. People use Equal Pay Company to lead companies in step with their colleagues, to discover the latest ways they can exercise equity, and to bring home contracts to ensure the security of their thriving workforce.


Chief Executive Officer
Chief Systemic Equity Strategist
Anne understands the power of data coupled with systemic interventions to normalize intersectionally-empowered productivity and equity in complex workplaces. She is responsible for the direction and product strategy, and brings management and strategic problem solving expertise. Anne is from California, and received a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and a M.S. in Health Policy and Management from Harvard University.
Krishna Kant
Chief Technology Officer
Krishna leads the software development strategy and team, harnessing their combined power to scale ideals into realities. He brings 18 years of software engineering and management experience in applications, algorithms, and telecommunications. Krishna is from Minnesota, received a B.S. in Computer Science from Caltech, and obtained two U.S. patents while at Bell Labs.


We are fortunate to bring expertise in what we offer, including the advice of board members named and countless unnamed specialists who invest in the social impact and productivity of our success.
Chief Sustainability Officer
Expertise: Drive results, refine metrics
Ryan Prust
Product Instructor, Experienced Entrepreneur
Product School
Expertise: Develop & manage product