One System

Combine intersectionally-empowering HR and finance
in one seamless system for better business performance.

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Our Technology

Equal Pay helps organizations in entertainment, tech, law, and finance achieve extraordinary success. Whether you're a small organization or midsize enterprise, our on-demand software gives you deep insight into your business and the agility to adapt. We use the best research to effectively assess pay, culture, and growth at its core. Then organizations and employees experiment with "nudges" and best practices appropriate to where they are - to truly engage in normalizing equity.

Discover where you are in equal pay, culture, and growth as an organization.
Build enduring success via agile talent engagement. Learn what's effective and what's not.
Shine light on progress & performance - to acquire and keep talent & customers.

The Standard

Signals full equal pay.
Signals full equal pay, and
equal culture or equal growth.
Signals full equal pay,
equal culture, and equal growth.


Try, measure, adapt. Repeat. Implement research-backed defaults, "nudges", and/or adaptive leadership coaching from premier institutions such as UC Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, and more. Measure what works and doesn't. Adapt. And repeat to reach next level progress.

Why Equal Pay Company.

See the complete picture, so you can decide with deep insights, not just common insights.
Lead with like-minded business leaders, who value equal pay and land contracts.
Equal Pay Company is here to guide the way.